Female Muslim professor says it’s OK to rape girls to humiliate them

Suad Saleh is a Muslim professor at Al-Azhar University who, according to the Middle East Media Research Institute, explains what is acceptable in the Islamic culture for committing female rap


Religious Experiences VS Religious Beliefs

There is a difference between being religious and being spiritual! Three reasons to why religion out-dated and dangerous: 1. It’s learned, man-made, and not necessary, but if it works for you and adds value to your life (as it even has to mine to a degree), that is great. 2. Religion prevents spiritual growth, critical…

Modi’s philosophy on women!

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is yet to get polished from his dogmatic ritual and belief, is he? The latest evidence comes after he apparently and openly applauded Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s moves against terrorism with sexist and misogynist remarks. Grown up and upholding the patriarchal ideologies, the Premier of the largest democratic country introduced…