How Triumph of Trump to Reshape World Politics

Change is the word that is believed to be inevitable. And what the Americans have done by electing Donald J Trump can be the outcome of such desire for change. This change has already begun reshaping the bilateral, diplomatic and overall political aspects with the nations across the world.

A sudden but new Trump-era pushed the nations to ponder over the legacy of diplomatic ties with the USA due to the upcoming initiatives pledged by Trump. With mixed reactions of shock, hope and congratulations, leaders and officials across the world expressed to work with the President-elect Trump as diplomatic norms after he surged to victory over Hillary Clinton in the US presidential elections on November 9.

Showing the USA people a dream of nationalism to survive own interests only, Trump has titled his election campaign as “Make America Great Again”. His censorship on certain communities, immigrants and economic policies may make American natives prosperous, but it is presumably leading the world to an era of uncertainty.


Of his 10-point plan what can “Put America First”, Trump placed provision for tight immigration system to prevent going to the country and boot at least 5 million undocumented immigrants out. The newly upcoming administration will also bring the sanctuary cities for refugees to end. The immigration policy proposals also extend to suspending the Syrian Refugee programme and either removing refugees or creating a database of refugees already in the US.

Trump has suggested controversial practice of shrivelling mosques, behaviour that some has said is unconstitutional, according to news reports. He promised to create a Commission on Radical Islam to explain aspects of Radical Islam to Americans.

What is coming for the climate change deals so far signed during Obama’a regime has been uncertain as Trump has promised to cancel executive orders issued by President Barack Obama. The orders include increased regulations on greenhouse gas emissions from plants and applying the Family Medical Leave Act to same-sex couples.

Tensions and climax may draw international attention if Trump continues the investigation of Hillary Clinton and her private email server as per his electoral promises.

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The North American degrees still lead the academic sphere across the world where Trump also promised to trim up the federal government to eliminate the roles of the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Education.

His pledge to label China a “currency manipulator” and exit Trans Pacific Partnership and other economic policies seems far reaching. Trump has also promised to implement steep taxes on imports, including a rate of 45% on China that ultimately creates rivalry between the two superpowers. Nations will be perplexed to maintain co-existence and relations simultaneously with the two power countries.

However his pledges also include creating 25 million new jobs in the USA, a 4 percent growth rate for the economy after initial 3.5 percent growth per year. A major part of these vacancies must be fulfilled by eliminating the immigrants from the country, one which many of the nations economically depend on.

Trump wants to make the United States energy independent from OPEC and “any nations hostile to our interests.” He has spoken on his plans to seize oil deposits in Iraq nurturing the same conflict with countries with the Middle East over oil management.

With a view to fighting hacking and cyber crimes, Trump has further promised to create a “Cyber Review Team” made up of members of “the military, law enforcement, and the private sector.” It will certainly not been limited with these purposes only. Cyber monitoring and grabbing privacy worldwide may suppress the previous scams during the Trump-era.

In effort to fight ISIS, Trump has also promised to try to shut down internet service in areas of the world occupied by ISIS. He has suggested an alliance with Russia to defeat the militant group and would keep US troops on the ground in Afghanistan even though he acknowledged the war was a “mistake.”

Now Trump is coming and the Americas are going to experience some changes too, radical obviously for its own interest. But the rest of the world has to reshape own policies despite the existence of the same chaotic situation over fighting militancy and economic policies.


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