Disgrace of British MP Danczuk who vocals against Bangladesh 

British MP-2

British lawmaker Simon Danczuk was arrested and had to spend two nights in Spanish jail following an alleged incident with his estranged wife. Reuters file photo

Following an alleged incident with his estranged wife, British lawmaker Simon Danczuk was arrested and had to spend two nights in Spanish jail.

The 49-year old lawmaker, who drew flak for making “irresponsible” comments on Bangladesh issues, is said to have smashed a window as he accused his separated wife, Karen Danczuk, of getting too close to a Spanish waiver.

Later UK-based daily The Sun published photos of Karen Danczuk who was found with nasty cuts to her arms and chest after claims of a boozy bust-up with her MP husband — over a Spanish waiter.

FAMEFLYNET - Exclusive: Karen Danczuk Seen With Cuts And Scrapes After Alleged Fight With Simon Danczuk In Spain

Picture Shows: Karen Danczuk August 16, 2016 ‘Selfie Queen’ Karen Danczuk is pictured here covered in cuts and scraps while at a carpark in Spain. It is being reported that Karen and husband Simon Danczuk got into a fight resulting in Simon spending the night in a police cell. Photo: The Sun

Danczuk was later released without charge, Spanish police told BBC. The Labour Party meanwhile refused to make any comment.

It was not the first time for Danczuk, who is separated from his wife Karen.

Danczuk, the lawmaker from the Rochdale constituency, used to be a part of the Labour Party before he was suspended in December 2015 by his own party for “inappropriate behaviour“.

This behaviour in question refers to the sex messages sent by Danczuk to a job-seeker. Sophena Houlihan that professed how sexually attracted he was to her. The girl in question was only 17 years old at that time.

Ironically, the same MP had earlier been known for his campaign against child abuse, according to a report by The Sun.

There has also a rape accusation against him currently under investigation, The Guardian reports on January 12.

Danczuk’s his financial irregularities also surfaced after he paid £11,000 to the UK’s Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (Ipsa).

It was found in investigations that he obtained an increase to his accommodation expenditure budget by claiming dependant uplifts for his two oldest children for a period of over three years, when, at no point were either of the children routinely resident, reports The Guardian on March 18.

Danczuk’s Comment Over Bangladesh Issue

Violating the diplomatic norms, the lawmaker openly exposed his alliance with BNP and seemed to smear campaign against the incumbent government.

According to an interview carried out by Express on May 24, Danczuk said: “large numbers of asylum seekers could come to Britain as Bangladesh continues to slide into “chaos”.

“If a civil war does break out there, then there will be a lot of asylum seekers looking to come to this country,” reads the story.

The revelation of Danczuk’s connection with BNP made headlines when Simon not only attended the council of Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) but also gave a public address where he, among others, stated that he met the party’s senior vice-president Tareque Rahman who is charged with several criminal cases in Bangladesh.

He also called for sanctions to be imposed on the south Asian nation, reports The Guardian on March 24.


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