Plight of Dhaka Gate (video)

Dhaka Gate; who is not attracted to such a frontier named after a capital city?

But Mir Jumla Gate, popularly known as Dhaka Gate, seems to be an exception as it remains uncared for as years pass by. Abandoned, time is eating away the magnificent Mughal architecture now – hiding in plain sight.

Though it is situated in the heart of Dhaka University and surrounded with a number of other historical sites like Curzon Hall, Doyel Chattar, Tin Netar Mazar, Bangla Academy, Ramna Kali Mandir and historic Suhrawardy Udyan, one may not easily locate the 200-year-old gate due to lack of attention from the authorities concerned. Neither Dhaka University authorities nor the archaeology department come to save it from its present shabby condition.

According to the Banglapedia, subadhar Mir Jumla made Dhaka as his headquarter in 1660. The gate was meant to guard the city from the north.


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